About Us

About Us

Dafikeso is Non-Profit organization based in Nairobi, Kenya. We operate in Nairobi, Dadaab and Kakuma and we are composed of current DAFI scholars, Alumni and Honorary members. We dedicated our services for improving the lives through education.

The Handover Meeting

The handovering day of the Dafikeso documents by the previous board to the incoming team.
The event took place at Nomad palace hotel in Nairobi. The incoming team were represented by the chair, secretary and assistant secretary. The outgone team gave the new leaders some tips on how to overcome some challenges they may face during their tenure in the leadership of Dafikeso. They also stressed on this position being the starting point of great leadership of tomorrow. The new team thanked the previous board for the commitment in bringing Dafikeso to where it is today and vowed to leave better than they found it.
The session was winded up with group photos and show of solidarity among the outgone board and their successors.

Dafikeso Planning Meeting

The planning meeting for the organization held at Eldoret wagon hotel in Eldoret town and was attended by the all new Dafikeso board. It was a full day session in which all the issues pertaining the organization were looked into.
Among the items discussed were the Dafikeso scholarship, mentorship and career counselling program, mathematics contest for the secondary schools among others.
The activities that will carried out by the organization during the 2018/2019 year were discussed and also how and who will facilitate them were also points considered.
Moreover, the expected budgets were estimated for each the activities discussed.


• To improve lives of individuals and communities through sustainable education
• To promote human development capacity to manage emerging world challenges.


• To promote academic excellence among the student members
• To participate in the effort to reduce poverty in organization
• To engage members in supporting the most vulnerable members of organization
• To empower members to become channels of development in community through education.


1. To campaign for community awareness and the influence in education.
2. To maintain DAFI student contacts
3. To promote an strengthen girl-child education
4. To encourage active participation of men, women and youth in educational capabilities in Development activities thus promote meaningful and sustainable livelihood among people with poverty.
5. To counsel and orient new DAFI students to adapt to challenges in tertiary education and urban life.
6. To create networks with other relevant organizations.
7. To develop self-sustaining education projects.
8. To support secondary and post secondary education program
9. To progressively respond to DAFI students needs and aspiration.

Career guidance and mentorship program

Between 21st -24th May 2019, Dafikeso team of ten students per camp carried out a very effective career counselling and mentorship program concurrently both in Dadaab and Kakuma. The team had 16 students who are members and 4 Dafikeso executive board members. This exercise took 4days where the team went around all the secondary schools in the camps including Kalobeyei Secondary School, a new school in Kalobeyei Settlement Camp. During this mission, the team appreciated some top performing students with books and pens.

Orientation exercise for new Dafikeso scholars

Mid-June 2019, Dafikeso executive board held an orientation session with Dafikeso new Scholars at Citystar Hotel, Nairobi. The team focused on the following areas:

  • Coping up with life at campus.
  • Terms and conditions of Dafikeso scholarship.
  • Academic excellence.
  • Other opportunities after leaving Dafikeso family.